How To Shape Your Eyebrows Perfectly In 5 Easy Steps

Tweezing, filling, threading and trimming. The things we do as women to look beautiful are never ending. There are so many elements that we need to consider! One of those areas of our body that we can’t let slip is the eyebrows.

If it’s the first time or you’re fed up of spending a fortune getting someone else doing it, you’ll need to know how to shape your eyebrows just right. It won’t take you months to master. With these five easy steps, you’ll be on your way to perfectly shaped eyebrows by the end of the day!

Think About the Shape and Size

Before you follow the five steps to get the perfectly shaped eyebrows, it’s worth thinking about your face and eyebrow shape and sizes. You’ll also need to think about the type of eyebrows you have. While this won’t affect the first two steps, it will affect the thickness of your eyebrows. It may also affect the amount you will need to tweeze to shape eyebrows properly.

Those with smaller foreheads, you’ll find that the rule of not tweezing at the top doesn’t stand. You’ll want to tweeze from the top to create more of a gap between the top of your eyebrow and the top of your forehead. This will open your face and balance your proportions.

Likewise, if you have a larger forehead, keeping as much hair at the top of your eyebrows as possible will help to close that gap. It makes your eyes look higher, and will create the proportions that way.

Now it’s time to start on shaping your eyebrows for the perfect look. Here are your five steps.

Find Your Starting Point

No eyebrows are the same. We all have different starting and end points, and you’ll need to find where yours are. This isn’t where you just want them to start. To make your eyebrows look natural and appealing, you’ll need to start them from a specific point in line with your nose.

You can use your tweezers for this. Flip them upside down and hold them to your face. They should sit along the outside of your nose, between that and your eye. Your eyebrows will start so they are in line with the outside edge of your nose. Mark on your face where your eyebrows are going to start, so you don’t lose your place.

You’ll then need to check the other side. It’s important that both sides are in line with each other. The last thing you want is for one eyebrow to start lower down than the other.

Find Your Ending Point

Remember, it’s not just the start that you need to find. The end is just as important, and this isn’t just about how far down you want your eyebrows to sit.

Again, use your tweezers to give you the straight edge that you need. Place them back to the starting point and then pivot the top around your eye, keeping the point of your tweezers by your nose. You want to keep going until the tweezers are sitting at the outside corner of your eye, in a straight line. Mark on your face where your eyebrows are going to end.

Do this for the other side. Again, you want to make sure your eyebrows are even in height for the ending point.

Eyeliner or Eyebrow pencil is a good choice for making your marks. They are easy enough to see and will come straight off when you wash your face at the end.

You can now start your plucking. Get rid of any hairs up to the two points—start and end. Don’t pluck in the middle! This is the next step of the process.

Decide on Brow Thickness

This is the point where you have a bit more say in the matter. You can choose how thick or thin you want your eyebrows. Take into account the shape of your face and the colour of your eyebrows. Fairer eyebrows tend to work out better when they are thicker because they are so much harder to see. You can also think about the thickness of the hair on your head to help match with the thickness of your eyebrows.

Try to avoid a thickness of more than half an inch. This is about natural and will blend with the rest of your face easily. You’ll also find them easier to manage than much thicker ones.

Draw a line with your eyebrow pencil between the start and end points, with a natural curve along the bottom of your brow. You shouldn’t ever pluck from the top, so work out the thickness down from that! Marking on a natural curve will make it so much easier to avoid becoming over-plucky and ending up with no eyebrows left.

The line will also help you see if there are any stray bits of theeyebrow that need trimming, rather than plucking. Once you have your line, you can pluck all that have beds below the line. Any that have roots above the line but grow beyond the line, you will need to trim with small scissors.

If you have excessively thick eyebrows with strays at the top, you can then tweeze up there. For the basic shaping, though, you never really need to touch that part of your eyebrow.

Shape the Arch

Now that you have the thickness, it’s time to shape the arch of your eyebrows. This will mean plucking just above your eyebrow pencil line, but only on a specific part of your eyebrow.

Put your tweezers in the middle of your eye and mark the central point on the eyebrow. Your arch will start just to the outer side of that point, and won’t stretch too far to the end. The aim is to make a tail to the end of your eyebrow. You’ll usually see this because the upper part of your eyebrow will raise, too. See here what Eyebrow Tweezers make-up artists use.

This is the part that many people pluck far too much on, making the tail of the eyebrow far too narrow. Start off slow and stop every now and then to see if you really need to do more. If you think you’re settled, move onto the next eye and even it all up. You can then decide if anything else really needs to be plucked.

Work with the arch from the top of your eyebrows. If you don’t have a natural one at the top, you don’t need to force one at the bottom. The focus should be on using your eyebrow pencil to create your arch instead.

Tidy Up Your Eyebrows

Now that you have the shape, it’s time to tidy things up. Start by brushing your eyebrows upwards. You’ll get to see if you’ve missed any strays below your eyebrow line. This is also a good chance to see how long your eyebrows actually are so you can trim them where necessary.

Trim in the same way hairdressers do. Use your eyebrow brush to collect the ends and then use small scissors to chop across the brush, so your eyebrow hairs are all the same length.

Signs You’ve Overtweezed Your Eyebrows

There are certain times that you will overdo it with the tweezers. Don’t worry, we all do this, especially when starting. It’s worth noting the signs, so you don’t do it again in the future.

The first sign is that your tail is far too narrow. Rather than a naturally arch, you may have cut off the tail of your eyebrow too much, so it is shorter than it should be. Another sign is that you’ve tweezed too much from the other start, and you start closer to the inner eye instead.

You may have also taken too much out of the central part of your eyebrow, leaving it looking thin and scraggly. Some people even tweeze from the top, making the eyebrow far too low.

You can recover from this, and it’s all about having a good quality eyebrow pencil. Use this in a similar colour to your eyebrows to fill in the bits that you’ve over-tweezed. You can also use the pencil if you have thinner eyebrows than normal, meaning you’re left looking like you have none even when you’ve tweezed just right.

Overtweezing is a common problem when you’re trying to even up your eyebrows and is not how to do your eyebrows. Rather than constantly tweezing, get an eyebrow brush and try to comb the hairs over. This will give you a better idea as to whether they are symmetrical or not. Once you take the hairs out, you can’t put them back and will have to wait for the hairs to grow back. It’s best to pause and check before tweezing more.

What About When Your Eyebrows Are Unruly?

There are times that your eyebrows will just be all over the place. Just where do you start? The first thing to do is to tidy up around the eyebrows, so you get rid of the excess hairs. Don’t forget to find your starting and ending points, so you know if there are excess hairs on either side. You can also quickly work on getting rid of that monobrow.

From there, you can focus on the other steps, along with brushing and trimming. Once you get rid of the main unruly sections, you don’t get lost in the shuffle. Watch out for getting tweezer happy, though! This is common when you want to tame the unruly hairs.

How to Stop the Pain

Plucking your eyebrows is painful, especially if this is the first time that you’d had it done. When you’re doing it yourself, you may find it more painful than letting someone else do it. The good news is you can tackle this.

The first thing to do is have some ice on hand. This will help to reduce any inflammation from the plucking process, which can make it difficult for some to see where the start and end really are.

You can also opt for the opposite regarding temperature. Heat up some water and dampen a washcloth with it. Put this on your eyebrows for a few minutes to allow the skin to soak up the heat. This will also help get the hairs ready for removal. Making them easier to pluck will mean that it isn’t as painful.

Make sure your tweezers have a good grip. If you keep losing the grip, you run the risk of getting the eyebrows out at odd and uncomfortable angles. Old tweezers can also lead to gripping the skin, which is even more painful! Get your new Eyebrow Tweezers from here.

For those who really struggle with low pain thresholds, you can also use numbing gel on the area. This is available at most pharmacies, and will help to numb the entire surface area so you don’t feel the plucking. Just watch out for the ingredients used to make sure you’re not allergic to any of it.

It is important to pluck properly.The best thing to do is to stretch your skin, which will open your pores. Having them wide will mean that it is much easier to remove the hairs from the roots. Making it easier means that there will be less pain.

Makeup After Tweezing

Now that you’ve shaped your eyebrows, it’s time to focus on the makeup and how to apply it. Using a powder base is the best option, and great for both day and night time makeup. The powder will balance your face and help to finish off your look.

Don’t forget about a good quality eyebrow pencil to emphasize the shape. You’ll always want to think about the type of eye shadow you use to help emphasis the shape.

Perfecting how to shape eyebrows has become a trend. Women have realized that eyebrows are essential to complete a gorgeous look. The right color, the right stroke and the right amount of liner are the keys of getting a perfect eyebrow shape.

Now you have the steps to create the perfect eyebrows for your face. Remember that less is more. Focus on the shape and brush your eyebrows before you keep plucking to even them both up. The chances are that this will stop you from being tweezer happy!

Weekend Beauty Hack: 10 Tricks for Perfect Eyebrows

We’ll say it: eyebrows are easily the most important feature on your face. Framing your face and bringing attention to your eyes, brows are—literally and figuratively—really big right now. A gorgeously full, defined pair of eyebrows are practically a beauty requirement; people are even getting transplants in an attempt to get their #browsonfleek.

But even if you’re not as follicularly blessed as Cara Delevingne, you can still get amazing brows—and we’re here to show you how. Here are 10 brilliant eyebrow hacks that are going to change your beauty game (and probably your entire life).

1. Lighting is everything.

It is a truth universally acknowledged that bad bathroom lighting is the natural enemy of amazing brows. Shaping your eyebrows under the influence of fluorescents is just begging for a bald spot. You should only ever tweeze your brows in natural light. Not only will you be able to see stray hairs you’d never notice otherwise, but you’ll have a more accurate idea of how your eyebrows are actually looking as you’re shaping them. No more post-plucking surprises!

Pro tip: For those of you who drive, keep a pair of tweezers in your car to take advantage of all that natural light streaming through your windshield and the well-positioned flip-down mirror. Just make sure to never tweeze stray brows while the car is moving, and take off your sunglasses before you shape. Trust us.

2. Avoid crazy magnification.

Stay away from those insane magnification mirrors. We mean it—avoid them like the damn plague. They may seem like a good idea, but when you’re staring at your face blown up to three times its normal size, you’re way more likely to get obsessive and over-pluck. For optimal shaping success, use a regular mirror that’s about the same size as your face and don’t spend all your time staring super-closely at your brows. Take frequent steps back—we’re talking at least a foot—to get the full effect of your grooming efforts. Eyebrows look different at a distance, and that’s how most of the world is going to see you, so don’t forget to check that angle out.

3. Let eyeshadow be your guide.

Instead of using white eyeliner to mark out where you’ll be tweezing, use damp white eyeshadow instead. Eyeliner is waxy and pushes down brow hairs onto the skin, which makes rogue hairs easy to miss. Damp white eyeshadow, on the other hand, adheres to the hair, making even fine brows stand up a little so that they’re easier to see.

Pro tip: Use a small brush and apply the damp eyeshadow against the hair’s grain to make sure that they’re really visible.

4. The ultimate brow-trimming tool.

We all know that keeping your brow hairs at a uniform length is crucial. And the best way to do this? Nose hair–trimming scissors, like these from Tweezerman ($12.50, No, we’re not crazy—the rounded tip means that you can guide them along your skin without poking yourself, and the super-sharp blades are inside so there’s no danger of accidental cuts. Amazing.

Pro tip: To trim your eyebrows without ending up with unfortunate bald spots, brush your eyebrows straight up with a dry toothbrush or spoolie brush, then trim along the upper arch. And this goes without saying, but do clean your scissors with rubbing alcohol after each use, especially if you’re using them in, ahem, other places.

5. Symmetry is overrated.

Don’t stress if your brows don’t match one another exactly. Eyebrows are meant to be sisters, not twins—so a little bit of variation in the width, arch and length is totally normal. Trying to force your eyebrows into perfect symmetry is a recipe for overplucking, or worse, Instagram brows. Don’t let it happen to you!

6. Master the brow fade.

Left: brows filled in solidly are not the look. Right: natural brows are lighter at the inner corner and get darker towards the tail. (Photos: IMaxTree)

When filling your brows—whether you use a pencil, pomade or gel—don’t make them a single, consistent shade from end to end. As you can see above, eyebrows in their natural state are lighter at the inner corner (where the hairs are thinner) and get darker towards the “tail” end; mirror this with your makeup to avoid a harsh look. You can either apply less product at the inner corner, getting more intense the further out you go, or use two shades—a light color for the inside, and a darker shade for further out—that you blend into one another.

7. Be creative with products.

Looking for a great way to fill in or tint your brows? You probably already have an amazing eyebrow product in your makeup case! Use a dark brown mascara for a subtle brow tint with a little bit of hold, or mix contact lens solution with a matte eyeshadow for more dramatic, long-lasting definition. And if you’re looking to hide bare patches caused by overplucking, use a liquid eyeliner in brown or gray, and draw very small, feathery strokes to fill them in. We love LORAC Front of the Line Pro Liquid Liner in Charcoal or Brown ($23, for this; the fine tip makes the end result look incredibly natural.

8. Choose the right shade.

The right color can make or break your brow game. You never want to match your hair exactly. Instead, the general rule of thumb is that if your hair is light, you should make your brows one shade darker. If your hair is dark, go one shade lighter. If your hair is red, use a light to medium neutral brown. And if your hair is black, try using a very dark gray or brown instead of jet black.

9. Stay cool.

While we’re on that subject, you should always choose a cool-toned shade for your eyebrows. Thanks to the oxidizing effects of your skin’s natural oils, eyebrow makeup will almost always become a slightly warmer color over time—and if you start from a red, orange or yellow-based place, your brows will be blazing by the end of the day.

10. Timing is everything.

Always do your brows after you’ve done the rest of your makeup to make sure they complement your look. Full-on diva brows really don’t match natural, no makeup-makeup, do they? As with all things beauty, harmony and balance is the name of the game.

10 Essential Tips to Get Perfect Eyebrows

Beautiful and natural-looking eyebrows are one of the hottest beauty trends. We here at Bright Side have come up with this useful guide on how to make your eyebrows look absolutely gorgeous at home, without spending a fortune on salons and makeup artists.

Before you start…

You need to determine if your brows are thick enough. Don’t worry if you discover that your eyebrows don’t meet some standards or trends for thickness. You can always try to grow thicker brows. Before going to bed, try massaging your eyebrows for 3-5 minutes using castor oil, olive oil, or almond oil for faster hair growth. A healthy diet can also work its magic not only on your hair, but also on your whole body — include fish (especially salmon), nuts, raisins, and soy products in your diet. These will stimulate hair growth and strengthen hair follicles. You won’t have to wait long to get amazing results.

Find the perfect eyebrow shape for your face shape

  • If your face is round, try to create as high an arch as you can. Look for a brow shape that follows a straight line to the peak of the brow, and stay away from a rounded brow shape. This will make your face look very round.
  • For a square face, consider a curved brow shape, soft, or hard-angled shape. Stay clear of thin and short brow shapes.
  • Women with a heart-shaped face should stick with a low arch and rounded brow shape, as it creates a more natural look. Avoid a highly arched brow: it can add length to a shorter heart-shaped face.
  • If you have an oval face, choose a flat and soft-angled eyebrow shape. Those should go straight up, and then gently curve around at the top.

To identify the three points that you will need to look at when shaping your eyebrow, use the ’pencil’ method. Place a pencil in a straight line along the side of your nose — this is going to be the beginning (inside) of the brow. Next, place the pencil along your nose and across your pupil. This will be the arch and the highest part of your brow. Now move the pencil so that the end of your nostril and the outer edge of your eye are in line — this is the end of your brow.

How to pluck the perfect eyebrows:

When you’re done with the theoretical material, get ready to proceed to the practical part. Take your tweezers and start plucking! We thought these small tips might come in handy to get amazing results:

  • Make sure you’ve made yourself comfortable and have good lighting. Invest in a high-quality pair of tweezers — this essential instrument you’re using has to be effective in tweezing the eyebrow and grabbing the hair.
  • Run an ice cube over your brows to reduce the redness, swelling, and pain, or apply some skin moisturizer.
  • Be careful when plucking the area above the brow: if you go too far and over-pluck it, the brow will look unnaturally thin. After every few tweezes, take a couple of steps back to see the bigger picture and evaluate the result.
  • Use a special brush to comb your eyebrows, and trim any hairs that stick up above the brow line with a small pair of nail scissors or eyebrow scissors.

How to fill in eyebrows:

Now let’s get to the most difficult and probably the most challenging part of the whole thing — how to fill in the eyebrows so that they look thicker and more natural. If your brows are lighter than your hair color, you can try coloring them using a special eyebrow dye.

Keep in mind that the color of your eyebrows should be very close to the tone of your hair. If you choose a color that is a couple of tones darker than your hair, your eyebrows will look rather unnatural.

You can fill in your eyebrows using a pencil, eyebrow powder or shadow, and brow mascara. A pencil helps you create a more natural look and conceal sparseness. Using brow powder you can get thicker eyebrows, whilst brow mascara is a must-have for women with rebellious thick eyebrows.

The basic steps for getting your perfect eyebrows are almost the same no matter which filling instrument you’re using:

1. Use an eyebrow brush to lightly brush brow hairs, line the bottom curve of the brow, and fill in the hairless spots.

2. Make the tail of your brow if needed, and outline the top and bottom edges of your brow. Be careful with the margins of your natural brow shape; don’t apply too much color, especially near the bridge of the nose.

3. If you want the brow shape to look more well defined, try to highlight the skin between the eyebrow and the eyelid. To do this, apply a few drops of concealer and blend thoroughly, then apply some highlighter under the eyebrow, and you’re good to go!

10 Tricks to Pluck Perfect Eyebrows

Plucking perfect eyebrows to achieve that flawless, face-framing arch can be a tedious (and painful!) process. But since fuller, thicker brows are in style, you can (and should) spend much less time with the tweezers. Try these 10 pro beauty tips to score perfect eyebrows at home. (Related: 4 Steps to Perfect Eyebrows)

1. Choose the right tweezers.

“Opt for a sharp, slanted style,” says Kristie Streicher, creator of The Feathered Brow and one of the most sought-after celebrity brow experts. “Unlike pointy versions, they grab tiny strays quickly and won’t pinch your skin along with the hairs.” One to try: Revlon Slant Tip Ultimate Tweezer ($11;

2. Tweeze after your shower.

Warm water opens the follicles and softens hairs, helping them slip out more easily.

3. Ease the plucking pain.

If plucking is too painful or it’s right before your period (when skin is most sensitive), dab on a numbing gel like Baby Orajel Teething Gel before you tweeze ($5;

4. Ditch your magnifying mirror.

This tool can make it look like there’s more hair to remove than there really is, says Streicher, which can lead to overplucking. Instead, use a regular mirror in a well-lit room—if you can’t see stray hairs under these conditions, neither can anyone else. “After every few tweezes, take a couple of steps back to see the bigger picture,” she says.

5. Know your arch limits.

Hold a pencil for guidance, advises Streicher. “Your brows should begin directly above your tear duct, peak in line with the outer side of your iris, and end at a point that falls 45 degrees from the outer corner of your eye.” Be sure not to arch your brows too high or they’ll look unnatural.

6. Create your shape.

Once you’ve determined how your brows should curve, outline your ideal arch using a soft, creamy brow pencil, such as Benefit Goof Proof Brow Pencil ($24; Then remove only the hairs that fall above or below your self-made stencil.

7. Reduce redness.

Immediately after tweezing, gently pat on an over-the-counter cortisone cream like Cortizone-10 Intensive Healing Formula ($6; to minimize any resulting inflammation.

8. Brush up.

Style your arches with a brow brush or a clear brow-gel wand, coaxing hairs upward at the start of your arch and brushing the rest toward the end of your eye. Try Sonia Kashuk Deluxe Lash and Brow Groomer ($8;

9. Fill in the blanks.

Color in sparse spots with a pencil like L’Oréal Paris Brow Stylist Professional ($11; or a powder. Brunettes should opt for a shade or two lighter than their hair color. Lighter blondes can go for golden shades, while darker blondes call for a taupe-y tone. Redhead? Reach for a warm, brown hue.

10. Grow them in.

Overplucked? Refrain from tweezing for at least three weeks so you can see the natural growth pattern and shape. If your brows need a little extra encouragement, brush on a growth serum like RevitaBrow Eyebrow Conditioner ($110 for a 3-month supply; every night.

Bonus Eyebrow Shaping Tip: Get the tint.

While pencils and powders are great for enhancing your arches day to day, consider brow tinting for a more permanent solution. “It saves time in the morning since you don’t have to worry about adding definition with the right pencil or powder daily,” says Streicher. “You can just wake up and go.” But don’t try this at home! The safe way to color your arches, says Streicher, is with the help of a pro brow guru or colorist, who will likely use a semipermanent vegetable dye. Results last about three weeks; expect to pay anywhere from $15 to $50.

9 Makeup Artist Approved Eyebrow Gels

“Eyebrow gel is the easiest way to tame brows and make them look fuller and groomed,” says makeup artist Tasha Brown, who works with Yara Shahidi, Logan Browning, and Maggie Betts. “I use clear brows gel and brush brows upwards and out for basic grooming. My go-to technique is to use a brow powder and create small hair like strokes in the direction the hair grows in the brows. Then I finish with a generous coating of tinted brow gel for a clean believable effect.” Her favorite gel is none other than the cult-favorite Glossier Brow Boy. Here, Boy Brow and eight other gels that will keep your brow game strong.


The creamy wax formula adds natural bulk. Boy Brow is available in clear, brown, black, and blond.

Glossier Boy Brow, $16,


Anastasia might have written the book on brows. The chamomile formula is great to keep your brows in place but also has a soothing chamomile formula that conditions your hair.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Gel, $22,


The clear mascara can separate lashes for a polished look, but it also works on eyebrows. The formula defines and shapes for a low-key everyday vibe.

Great Lash Clear Mascara, $5.99,


M.A.C.’s waterproof brush-on gel will keep your brows shaped and shiny for eight hours. You can choose between the clear or tinted shades and even apply the formula on your lashes and facial hair for a full face grooming effect.

M.A.C. Brow Set, $18,


Fun Fact: This grooming gel was custom-made for Marc for his daily eyebrow shaping ritual.

Marc Jacobs Brow Tamer, $24,


Brow Tech comes in a travel-size portable version for those who never seem to stand still. One end provides an angled, waterproof pencil and the other a strong hold gel to groom and keep your hairs in place.

Smashbox Brow Tech To Go, $28,


It’s all about the two-in-one applicator that includes both a brush and a sponge tip. First, coat the brows by brushing against the direction of the hair growth. Then, with the slanted tip, draw in lines to fill in sparse areas of the brow.

Chosungah 22 Dong Gong Minn Brow Maker, $22,


The eyebrow equivalent of a topcoat nail polish, this gel locks in your pencil work all day.

Benefit 24-HR Brow Setter Shaping & Setting Gel, $24,


This waterproof and smudge-proof gel is infused with hair-like fibers to fill the brow in for a full look. The gel lasts for an astounding three days, so you can apply and live your life.

WunderBrow 1-Step Brow Gel, $22,